About Pinnico Rental Cars

Pinnico was started to fill the needs of people who want to drive for rideshare or delivery services and need an approved vehicle to do so. With top notch customer service and insurance with low deductibles, you can rest assured you are well taken care of in our vehicles.

Who we are

Rent a car to begin earning money today in the ride-share industry! Drive for ride-share companies like Uber or Lyft, where drivers can earn up to $1500 or more per week.

  • Rent a car starting at $25/day plus insurance .
  • Insurance is issued in your name so that you can upload it to your Uber or Lyft dashboard.
  • You will be texted a copy of the inspection form for your vehicle.
  • Customer service team that responds quickly to your issues. 
  • Reserve a car and be ready to start driving the next day.
  • Your car will be covered by insurance and quick turnaround after accidents.

Why Choose us

Choose Pinnico Rental Cars because we are the best in customer service. Ride share drivers tend to be frustrated with other companies that are hard to reach on the phone or via email.

Pinnico responds to all requests during business hours within an hour and requests out side of business hours by noon the next day!

Text or email us for quick response to your questions.

Get your car booked and be on the road quickly.

With a variety of cars to meet your needs, we can get you making money quickly.

Cars for any style and budget

Whether you are looking for a low cost car to get you started or a high end luxury vehicle, we can meet your needs for your rideshare vehicle.

Insurance and maintenance is included with every rental!